HPCIO Meeting SPIS Lab Graduate student assembling mouse monitoring unit Surface rendering of the lungs from a Computed Tomography (CT) dataset Diffusion Tensor Image (DTI)  tractography of the corpus callosum
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The Division of Computational Bioscience (DCB) engages in computational science and engineering collaborations with the NIH Intramural Research Program, and provides computational tools and resources for the NIH biomedical research staff. DCB conducts its research and development program through the following organizations: the Office of Director (OD), the Collaborative Research Office in Computer and Information Science (CROCIS), the Computational Bioscience and Engineering Laboratory (CBEL), the Center for Molecular Modeling (CMM), Imaging Sciences Laboratory (ISL) and the Mathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory (MSCL).

Division of Computational Bioscience
Center for Information Technology
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland 20892